During the past year, Go Business has been run as a regional project called Go Millennials. Based on a focus on young people’s driving forces and the millennial generation, we have provided support for 19 new companies! In total, about 40 companies have been involved in Go Business during the year. We have been involved in helping these fantastic entrepreneurs develop their ideas to be able to live on their passion.

We thank Luleå municipality, Piteå Science Park and Region Norrbotten for your support and for making our business possible.

Marina Eriksson, who has been our site leader in Luleå since the start there, ended up with us this summer to work with Go Business alumni Signe and Hanna and their method office Sigmar AB. We wish Marina great luck! To our great pleasure we were not without lot when Marina left the ship. Because Camilla Neideman, who has been appointed as chairman of Piteå during Marcus Olsson’s parental leave, was able to take over the helm in Luleå, we quickly became a perfect solution for Go Business Luleå.

We are pleased that several Go Business alumni have been nominated and won awards at the business gala in Piteå and Luleå. Sigmar’s method office was nominated as this year’s new establishment in Luleå. In Piteå, Åse Borgeryd inspiration and health and Joakim Lundgren with Café were nominated in the category of this year’s new entrepreneur. Åse won that award!

This year, we have also carried out the feasibility study Go Cloud to explore the possibilities of a virtual incubator. This has led to the fact that we have now received funding for the project Go Cloud, where we will create opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout the region to receive support from Go Business through digital participation in our business. This project also gives us the opportunity to establish Go Business in Skellefteå. We look forward to 2019 with confidence and to have Greta Wimander back in the team after one year’s parental leave.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wish you all!


Go Business 2018 in numbers:

19 new companies (a total of 40 companies have been under Go Business wings in 2018)

34 Go Academy meetings (Workshops with entrepreneurs in Go Business)

104 individual coach calls

2 Level up where Go Business entrepreneurs get to pitch their idea for an expert panel from business

2 Music MeetUp in collaboration with BD Pop, Norrbottensmusiken and Studieförbundet Evelyn

2 Start Up Luleå in collaboration with Arctic Business Incubator