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August Sandström

For August Sandström the world is open wide, with exciting assignments of different character.
– There are many benefits being a freelance photographer.


It was when August Sandström studied TV-production in Piteå he found out that being behind the camera is what he enjoys the most. Already in the second year of study, he applied to Go Business and started his own company. Then he had received his first commercial assignment, as camera operator at the TV channel C More at Luleå’s and Skellefteå’s hockey games.
– It was very valuable. As a student, I got my first business contacts, got experience as camera operator and got the chance to make some extra money.

For some time now, August lives in Stockholm, where he works as a freelance with television production, documentary film and advertising and corporate film for production companies, television companies and communication agencies. He has no problem keeping himself busy.
– The hard thing is to get the jobs to fit into one’s calendar. When you say yes to one thing, it often means that you have to refuse something else. Shorter jobs often give a little more money. Longer agreements provide some security, but often means that you develop less and that you can miss out on other interesting projects.

For August there has been no doubts about running his own business. He believes that there is no other solution for anyone who wants a flexible existence as a filmmaker. Through the years, he has also purchased his own camera equipment for several hundred thousand kronor, which would not have been possible as an employee.
– It sounds great and pretentious to start your own, but all it really is, is a piece of a paper that says you can continue to drive your ideas. He says that the challenge of being a freelance is to seek contacts and stay with jobs. It is compensated by the freedom in being able to choose which paths you want to go and which one you want to work with.

August films, among other things, large television productions such as Ernst Sommar, Ernst Christmas and Tina on travel – lavish programs with talented programmers and professional people around.
– Freelancers in our industry do not always have to have their own unique idea. We are a tool that translates someone else’s thoughts and ideas into moving images. The big challenge is to be a person that others want to cooperate with and socialize with. There are many talented photographers but one who is unpleasant will not be called next time.
He recommends taking help with the practical things and pushing oneself as if you are a big company, no matter how big or small you are. It is important to be able to negotiate and get well payed.
– Many in this industry have no business thinking and accept any gage. It will be negative for all of us.

During his studies, August got contact with the production company Massa Media in Piteå, which he still collaborates with on a regular basis in various documentary film assignments.
– It is the most fun and challenging productions. There I am involved in creating the programs formally and artistically all the way.
In the future, he would like to work even more with documentary productions and perhaps even invest more in film and advertising.
– I want to relay more on my own creativity, drive and develop my own ideas. Who knows, maybe I start my own production company someday.


Name: August Sandström
Age: 27
Living: Stockholm
Do: Freelance as a TV and film photographer
Education: Bachelor’s degree in media communication at LTU


Text: Britta Elfving Persson
Photo: Felix Svensson