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Christian Feivik

Music, photography and a teacher’s job


Christian Feivik has gone from being his own to an employee. The company now becomes an opportunity to do things that he really wants to do.

He has been doing music throughout his life and has been educated as a musician and orchestra leader at Luleå University of Technology in Piteå. Like many others in the industry, Christian Feivik has, during and after his studies, been living on a freelance basis, which he has combined with a regular job. In the fall of 2016, he received a permanent full-time job as a music teacher at the Cultural School in Luleå, after having been a substitute teacher there for four years.
– It feels great, it has been my goal to be employed. It gives security and a freedom to choose what I want to do in my business.

Christian has over the years had many different types of freelance jobs. In addition to purely musical assignments, he has, for example, been hired as a project manager at Luleå University of Technology, responsible for summer courses at Framnäs Folk High School and held regular collaborations with Skellefteå Cultural School. In between, he has also worked as a DJ.
A fun project a couple of years ago was when he worked several times as a conductor consultant during the recording of  the Kay Pollak film “Så ock på jorden”.
– My assignment was to make the orchestra and conductor look natural, to work with expressions together with extras and actors who are not musicians. It was a cool project.

Alongside the music, photography has long been a great interest. When Christian started at the university, he bought a digital camera and started to photograph friends. He also did some album covers and other publications. It would turn out that it was possible to make money from it as well.
– I started posting pictures online and it spread to people. Economically, I have made the most money on music, because it is my job. I take the photo assignments for my own sake, because it is interesting and fun. I do not like things that I do not want to do.
Christian is also passionate about analog still photos. He collects older camera equipment and is fascinated by the analogue craft
– I’d like to be really good at that. I do not make any money on it now but it would have been fun to make a book or exhibition sometime in the future.

In addition to the music teacher’s work, Christian take distance classes  for a teachers degree and right now there is not much time left for his business.
– I will always have my own business. Right now, I give priority to simpler photo and design gadgets, but in a couple of years, when I’m done studying, I can imagine taking on more music assignments again.

As a start, Christian used a billing service to charge his clients, but elater on he decided to start his own company.
– It feels better to invoice through your own company. Once you start your own you realize that it is not as super-complicated as you might have thought it was.
As an entrepreneur, it has been important for Christian to challenge himself and have full control. For example, he has managed the economics and book keeping entirely on his own. He also appreciates the support he received from Go Business.
– You learn a lot from sitting in an incubator, just by hearing about other people’s ideas. Regardless of which industry you are in, you realize that we have similar dilemmas and issues.


Name: Christian Feivik
Age: 30 years
Living: Piteå
Do: Music teacher, conductor
Education: Artistic graduate classical music Luleå University of Technology, Orchestra conducting for Professor Petter Sundkvist, Umeå University

Text & Photo: Britta Elfving Persson