Meet our entrepreneurs

Why choose when it is possible to do both? Linda Näsström sees opportunities beyond the obvious and has found a way to combine two completely different professions.

Linda Näsström lives in her hometown Umeå and freelances primarily as a sound engineer within everything that has to do with moving images. She has assignments within television, feature films, short films, commercials and other artistic contexts and works with both large production companies and individual filmmakers. The road there has not been completely clear.

Linda started her company in 2010, when she studied sound technology in Piteå.
– Before the education, I had worked a lot with live sounds at various concerts and festivals but I felt that it might not be my thing. At Go Business, I got help with inventorying my skills, what I am interested in and what I like to do. I am inventive, creative, like adventure and I am good at visual expression. In the end, I theoretically came to the conclusion that I should work with sound for picture.

In the beginning, Linda was quite confused. There was no clear path. She tried her way and eventually got to do some recording, and as a result, new collaborations developed which meant larger assignments.
– The education gave me a knowledge base, an understanding of the industry and a contact network, but when it comes to film recording I probably learned most things on my own through colleagues and by actively seeking knowledge. It feels cool that I have learned a lot myself. For a period, Linda paused sound technology to explore the possibility of garden work, which has been a great interest since childhood. She began a gardening education that gave her possibilities to work as a gardener. At the same time, she didn’t want to leave making movie sound. Right now Linda combines both professional roles. Parallel to sound assignments, she works periodically with a small gardening company in Umeå. They have found a fine collaboration and a flexible solution that works well.
– For me it is ideal to work this way and these two professions complement each other very well.

Linda has come to a phase where it is possible to live of her business. She has built everything from scratch, invested in her own sound equipment and has full control of all the details, even the financial ones.
– Today’s level is sustainable. In the future, it would be nice to have even more stable continuous assignments. Also I could be more efficient by handing over the economy and bookkeeping to someone to get more time for something else.

She describes the freedom and variety, being able to decide a lot about her everyday life, as the best thing about being her own.
– What I appreciate about my profession and freelancing is, for example, that I constantly learn new things. One cannot afford to stagnate knowledge-wise, there are always new things that one needs to learn and read about.

Linda’s advice to new entrepreneurs is to have a network around, with people from the industry and those with experience of freelancing, to feel that you are not alone.
– Something that we often talked about at Go Business was how important it is to take care of yourself, because as a freelancer you are your own product. So don’t forget to take care of yourself.


Text: Britta Elfving Persson
Photo: Robin Svensk