We believe that this world will be a better place if more people can work actively with the ideas they are passionate about. We know that creativity and entrepreneurship create growth. Therefore, our goal is to support local entrepreneurs to want and dare to invest in their companies, so that they in turn contribute to creating an attractive region here in northern Sweden. To achieve this, we work with two concepts:

  • The pre-incubator Hangout, if you want to explore your business opportunities. Here you can participate in inspirational lectures and coffee get-togethers both online and offline, and bounce ideas with a coach and the other participants. Read more here.
  • The incubator program Go Business if you want to run your business full-time and are ready to invest fully. We get together for workshops both online and on site in Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå. You receive regular advice from a personal coach. Read more here.

We work both individually and at group level and assume that you as an entrepreneur participate actively, take responsibility for your own development and share challenges, ideas and feedback with the other participants. We put a lot of time in practicing the entrepreneurial abilities MOSAIK:

M – Mod (Courage)
O – Osäkerhetstolerans (Uncertainty tolerance)
S – Samverkan (Collaboration)
A – Ansvar (Responsibility)
I – Initiativ (Initiative)
K – Kreativitet (Creativity)

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle regardless of industry. We want to create sustainable entrepreneurs through a strong understanding and knowledge of what it means to be an entrepreneur today.

Individual business advice
You get individual coaching sessions with an innovation leader who challenges, guides and helps you forward. The conversation is based on an action plan that we put together at the start and then revise together. During lectures and workshops you receive various tools that you can work with and go through with your coach.

Joint development
In everyday life, our social circle consists of friends and acquaintances or people with similar areas of interest that we can turn to when we need advice and support. In Go Business, the idea is that the entrepreneur group should work in the same way. A mix of people with different backgrounds gives each other support and advice to solve problems and develop their activities. Creating a strong and inspiring community in the northern region is one of our goals, because we know that much of your individual development occurs in the meeting with other entrepreneurs.

Collaboration with industry experts
The contact with the regional business community and the exchange with entrepreneurs who have both succeeded and failed with their business ideas are important parts of Go Business. We invite to lectures and workshops with various consultants and motivators who share their expertise and personal development stories. The incubator program ends with Level Up where you get feedback from an external expert panel and a chance to get new perspectives on the future of your company.

It costs nothing to participate, because we have financiers who invest in the Go Business Incubator, and in you.