The Go Business concept was born from a survey about the student culture in Piteå 2007. In order to develop entrepreneurship, a wish for a physical social meeting place was expressed, where new entrepreneurs could nourish and develop their corporate ideas with the support of each other. Based on this thought, an incubator was started, and the rest is as you usually say: “history”.

Go Business has been in its current form since 2008, with office in Acusticum at the Piteå Science Park. Since then, the incubator has grown both in size, diversity and content. Initially, focus was exclusively on new entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries. Today, everyone is welcome with business ideas – engineers as well as “artists of the ear”. We have participants of all ages from different service sectors and Go Business is a well-known concept all over the region.

Gradually, new services have been developed as interest steadily has increased. Today, Go Business has also incubators at Luleå Science Park and at Boden Business Park. In addition, we have developed Go Mobile; a service where we offer pop-up visits, providing inspiration based on our concept at locations that do not have their own incubator.

Since 2008, more than 150 new entrepreneurs have taken the opportunity to run a business with the help of Go Business Incubator. A large number of these is still active as self-employed on a full or part-time basis.