We help entrepreneurs push up their ideas. The entrepreneurs who come to us have a way of thinking where they want to influence the content of the incubator offer. It is central to them that we offer :

Social circle
In everyday life, the social circle consists of friends and acquaintances or people with similar areas of interest who act as advisors to turn to for advice and support. Go Business’  idea is that the entrepreneur group should work the same way, a mixture of people with different backgrounds give each other support and advice to solve problems and develop their activities.

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle regardless of industry or the type of company it is about. We want to create sustainable entrepreneurs through a strong understanding and knowledge of what it means to be an entrepreneur today.

In the incubator we create opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their idea to be able to live on it. We look at how the company can be run based on the aspects of economy, idea and sustainability. We simplify everyday life for those entrepreneurs who are part of the incubator. We constantly work on developing and evaluating our working method and our knowledge to deliver a good service to the contractor.

By building the offer of the entrepreneurs’ needs to meet, and delivering what we promise, we build trust among the participants, which is crucial for success. With a transparent approach to our methods and the tools we work with, we create a clarity about our work.

We want northern Sweden to grow and develop. We know that creativity and entrepreneurship create growth, therefore our goal is to support local entrepreneurs, who in turn contribute to creating an attractive region. We wish that more people would like and dare to invest in their ideas and start business here, in northern Sweden.

Our digital test bed should be available.  We strive to always be good hosts, to make sure  everyone is seen and met by an open and welcoming attitude. The physical and digital sites should be seen as one and the same place, a platform for our work that is available to the entrepreneurs when it suits them.

We also support municipalities and business development companies in Upper Norrland, and together with these we want to create new conditions for more people to live on their passion here, but with the whole world as a market.