Our method is called Go Academy, and with it we work both individually and at group level. Our approach is that the entrepreneurs themselves should highly influence our main focus. In this way, relevant content for the participants is created in the incubator. We expect all entrepreneurs to actively participate and share both good examples and successes as well as mistakes and setbacks. It’s also important to remember that routines, time and stamina are required to achieve the desired outcome.

GO ACADEMY consists of

Individual business advice
Individual conversations with the site manager will take place as often as you need – once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. The discussion is based on an action plan that we’ll develop at the start and then revise together twice a year.

Joint development
We regularly have common meetings where we discuss and work with different topics, such as business plan, strategy and brand, economy or digital media. Entrepreneurs in the incubator select which areas to work with each term.
Several times a year we also invite lectures and workshops with external consultants and business developers.

Cooperation with industry experts
The Go Academy method includes Level up, an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the incubator to widen their perspectives and explore their opportunities and challenges through feedback from an objective panel of experts. In Level up, conditions are created for the entrepreneur to view oneself, the market and business with new eyes. The newfound perspective will encourage entrepreneurs to take new chances, evaluate market shares, customer groups and provide guidance for further development of existing concepts that can promote growth in the company. Simply put: a real boost!
Level Up is also a graduate exam for entrepreneurs who will exit the incubator.

Go Academy is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs who’s signed up with Go Business.